Surveying Services

What is surveying?

Surveying is the art and science of measurement. Within the industry, it is the measurement of real-world features for land development projects, converting the data into a digital model used for design. Surveying services can also include taking a digital design model and setting it out in the real world.

What does a surveyor do?

Surveyors utilise modern equipment and technology to efficiently position or locate features relative to a 3D coordinate system. Using 3D Laser Scanners, GPS, Total Stations and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drones, and a host of powerful software packages, our teams process huge amounts of survey data to build high-accuracy digital models of the ground and its features. A typical point cloud from one of our laser scans might contain around 10 million 3D points!

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Rural Surveying


Topographical surveys involve locating features on the ground before referencing them to a coordinate system in order to build up a digital 3D model. This model provides engineering designers and architects with the information they need to complete their designs.

Check out our topographical surveys page for further information on the variety of topographical surveys KW Consultants can prepare for you!

Topographical Surveys / Site Plans

Asbuilt Surveys

Councils will often require the asbuilting of newly constructed infrastructure. This confirms that the infrastructure has been constructed as per design and allows the digital capture of the assets to be incorporated in the council’s database. 

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys are often required if there is settlement of the ground, or a structure is starting to fail. As surveyors, understanding the objective of the monitoring helps establish sound methodology to capture the necessary information on a continuing basis.

Combining our team’s extensive surveying knowledge and state of the art surveying equipment, we can create monitoring solutions that are accurate, efficient and safe. 

Rentable Areas Survey

Rentable area surveys are a means of accurately defining the floor area of commercial property. Accurately knowing the floor area gives you as a property owner the knowledge that you’re getting the greatest return for your investment possible.

Alternatively, as a tenant, this can help you ensure you are paying for only the area you are renting.

Accurate information on the floor area is also an essential part of working out your Green Star rating or gaining your NABERSNZ Certification.

Cadastral Surveys: Boundary Identification and Reinstatement


Your property boundaries are defined by bearings and distances on your title plan, which are defined on the ground using boundary marks. These marks can often go missing at the back of your garden, or get lost and damaged. If you are having trouble locating your boundary, our team of experienced cadastral surveyors can help you reinstate your boundary marks and redefine your property boundaries for you.

For further information read our Property Boundaries page!

Building & Construction Setouts 


Setouts involve taking design plans and calculating their real-world locations for our experienced surveyors to setout on your site. We carry out independent checks on the plan dimensions to be sure that a building location is exactly where it is intended to be. 

Our surveyors have experience from smaller-scale residential dwellings, all the way to tunnels, bridges and football stadiums. We’ve helped put together some impressive international projects, so we have a vast pool of professional experience to draw from.

Finally, our licensed surveyors are able to prepare any council-required certification for your building setouts.

Get in touch with our licensed surveyors today to discuss your rentable area needs.

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