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KW Consultants: Professional Land Surveyors

At KW Consultants, we are a team of professional registered surveyors in Auckland, with a collective focus on bringing about better outcomes for our clients. This is achieved through investing in modern technology, and developing a team culture of challenging the norm.

We find that investment in technology allows us to stay current in this rapidly changing space, allowing for increased efficiency and passing time and cost savings onto you, the clients.

We challenge the norm via our culture, thinking about the required end product first, and then synthesising ways this can best be achieved. Whether it be through clever subdivision design, effective project management, or tailoring specific services to meet clients’ needs, we believe there are always ways to reduce delivery time and cost. 

All KW Consultants staff have begun their land surveyor careers out in the field, learning the ropes on a huge variety of projects. It’s important for us that our team have a practical background, and hands-on knowledge of how things are constructed. This real-world grounding better connects them to the subdivisions they are designing, the clients they are advising, and the contractors engaged during a project.

Our professional team at KW Consultants are friendly, easy to talk to, and will always be happy to sit down over a set of plans and cup of coffee to ensure you understand what you need, the timeframes involved, and the process. We keep you informed along the way, so you always know what stage your project is at—we want you to enjoy the subdivision process as much as we do!

Our Specialist Tasks

Cross Lease conversions

From a cross lease title to fee simple title allows greater flexibility in carrying out works on your own property, and may increase property values.

Topographic Surveys


Topographic surveys (site plans) capture real-world features and digitise them, to allow designers and architects to design your subdivision or dream home.

Subdividing Land

Developing land through Subdividing can release your unrealised property equity. See our subdivisions page, and talk to our team about how to start this process.

Boundary reinstatement


Boundary reinstatement surveys let you know exactly where your property boundaries are. Our experienced licensed cadastral surveyors can advise you on any boundary related queries. 

Work with our specialist land surveying team today! 

We deliver quality, practical development solutions with a quick turnaround. Whether it be surveyors on site, engineering design or resource consent applications, we will get it completed Fast & Smart. Don’t wait, talk to the best land surveying team in Auckland now about your land development projects. Get in contact with us today!

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