Topographic Surveys (Site Plans)

As a leading topographical survey company, we excel at taking locations of real-world features and referencing them to a coordinate system, in order to build an accurate digital 3D model of a property. This digital model allows engineering designers and architects easy access to information they require to carry out their designs.

Depending on the complexity of the job, we utilise a range of equipment. Technology changes rapidly in this space, so by implementing new technologies as soon as they become available, we complete these surveys with maximum efficiency and speed. Our technology also helps us improve on safety practices, for both our team and the public.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of topographic surveys.

Architects and engineers require residential site plans to carry out their designs. By surveying your buildings and the key features around your property, we build an accurate digital model for design professionals to use. When we are engaged to prepare a residential site plan, we liaise carefully with the design professional to make sure we are capturing all the information they require.

We work closely with the designer at the front end to deliver what’s required, helping reduce delivery time and costs for our clients. We always install a site datum point, so when construction begins the contractor can easily relate the design back to our original survey information.

KW Consultants typically aims to turn our residential site plans around in about five days.

Contact us for an example of our residential site plan package.

Residential Site Plans

Rural Site Plans

Rural surveys cover large areas, and it’s here where our technology really comes into its own. With Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mapping, we can fly over large land development sites using our UAVs. Furthermore, with powerful software and a fair bit of knowledge we can build up highly accurate 3D models over large areas quickly. As a by-product of this process, you also get great aerial imagery of the site!

With the advancement of technology in this space, there are now huge time and cost savings which we pass directly onto our clients!

KW Consultants typically aims to turn our rural site plans around in about five days.

Contact us for an example of our rural site plan package.

Roading Survey

When roading upgrades are required, KW Consultants have the right equipment to allow efficient data capture delivery of public spaces and roadways. We follow all local authority and NZTA safety procedures and are always looking at additional measures we can implement to increase safety and efficiency in these surveys. 

Our new laser scanner allows us to survey roads and intersections without walking on the road. This saves disruptions to traffic flow and keeps our team to the safety of the footpath.

Want to know more? 

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