Boundary Definition

A crucial part of property ownership is knowing where the boundaries are. Without clear boundaries, arguments may arise between adjoining land owners. The original wooden pegs marking boundary corners have a limited life and so it is often necessary to have these positions remarked. A boundary survey is a way to formally define the boundaries of a property and is often referred to as a cadastral survey.

Legal Boundaries in New Zealand

A Cadastral survey is a specialist term meaning a survey where the land register (cadastre) is searched and forms the basis for the establishment and reestablishment of real property boundaries. All the land records in New Zealand are held by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

NZ legislation requires that any boundary survey to be carried out under the direction of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. These surveyors have all completed surveying university degrees and completed further testing to prove competency in their ability to carry out cadastral surveys. Defining property boundaries is a legal task and at KW Consultants we take this seriously.

KW Consultants, offer you the peace of mind that your boundary is being defined by experienced licensed surveyors. Every boundary definition is different and the time required to accurately reinstate these positions varies.


Times when we advise engaging KW Consultants you redefine your boundaries:

  •                 When building within close proximity to boundaries;

  •                 Establishment of new fences;

  •                 Construction of retaining walls or other significant improvement works

Talk to us today for a quote to have your boundaries reinstated.

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