Subdivision Feasibility Study

The best way to make sure your project is successful is to do a thorough investigation before starting. Use our feasibility study as a tool to help ensure you have all the information at the outset.  

In our feasibility study we will ensure we understand your goals for the project to help ensure these are possible. We want all our clients projects to be successful, so understanding their backgrounds and goals is the key to this.

We will do an investigation into your development, assessing it against the Unitary Plan. As part of our assessment we will help identify:

  • If any additional professional services are required ie flood and geotechnical reports.

  •  Construction Costs

  • Alternative options ie single dwelling Vs multi dwelling

  • Financial assessment of the project

We will outline likely timeframes for each stage as well as a detailed outline of what is required at each step throughout the project.

As part of the development feasibility report we will also offer a fixed cost for KW Consultants’ services, helping to give you piece of mind for the total project cost. If you go ahead with the proposal we will reimburse the feasibility study fee from your development costs.


Talk to us about how you can benefit from KW Consultants' Feasibility Study. 

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